Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Want an Imperative - I've got an imperative for you

I will give, what ultimately is the single and sole imperative, that which defines and encapsulates the entirely of the Law.

You there - love. (Or maybe "show love" just to make it clear that we aren't just dealing with a noun).

Seriously - everyone, it's as simple as this.

Are you wondering what you ought to do? Show love. Ponder, how best do I show love, how best do I care for my neighbor in this situation. How do I serve? How do I best show love?

That's it. That is sanctification in a nutshell. Sanctification is nothing but growing in love - letting more and more of the love you receive from Christ flowing through you, having less and less of your sinful nature get in the way of showing love because you've learned more and more by the aid of the Holy Spirit to beat down your flesh.

That's it. Simple as that. Hard as that.

And if you think the answer to how you show love is easy -- you aren't showing love. Think again. Show love. Serve.

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