Monday, September 5, 2011

Analogy Number Two

Let us say that you are a general facing overwhelming odds. The Enemy is entrenched, heavily fortified, and they out number you. Then, God reveals to you through His prophets that if you march around the town and blow trumpets for 7 days, the walls will fall. And so, this is the plan, you march, the walls fall on the 7th day, and then in the mass destruction and confusion the city is defeated.

Afterwords, you are asked, "How did you get this victory?"

If you say, "The Lord has given me this victory - He is my strength and my shield" then you are thinking Scripturally and like a Lutheran.

If you say, "I have this victory because I actively assented to do that which is good, demonstrating my faithfulness and my growth as a believer in God" then you have two main options. If you don't like the liturgy, become a Metho-baptist-pentecostal. If you do like the liturgy, go East.

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Rev. Paul A. Rydecki said...

Congrats on the IE pick! (And a good analogy, too.)