Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wait... that's not how it goes

Love your enemies -- unless they have done something that really offends you and hurts the Church -- then revile away.

Wait... I don't think that is how it goes.

While there should be many prayers rightfully going up for ULC... I'd note that we are to pray for those who persecute the Church.

Just saying.


Rev. Paul L. Beisel said...

Eric--you're missing the point. Who is not loving their enemies? Me? Does loving your enemies mean that we are not allowed to be justly aghast about an injustice?

I love you dude, as a brother, but it drives me nuts when something like this happens, and someone feels like they have to instruct us like children on how one should properly respond to such an obvious injustice. You're trying to tell people that they shouldn't be feeling what they are feeling.

But, you're entitled to your opinion, and you've given it. I just think you're missing the point, and trying to be too philosophical about it. But I know you, and know that you have a very reflective and philosophical way of thinking about things, so that's okay.

Your brother in Christ,
Paul L. Beisel

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

If you are showing love to your enemies - fantastic.

If your feelings do not hinder the way you show love - fantastic.

I just don't see that in myself often.

Feel - but do not dwell on your feelings. We are not called to ponder our emotions but to show love. This is the Law of God.

Also - I've seen lots of fire and venom and vitriol... but that always, always needs to be tempered. Because I know my own anger, my own rage, and how it often blinds me.

Rev. Paul L. Beisel said...

I suppose you're right, but it just seems to me like we don't need anyone standing on the sidelines and saying, "Hey, let's not get all bent out of shape over this. I mean, after all, we are to pray for our enemies and persecutors. Let's not blow this out of proportion. Let's not let these emotions get out of hand." What I mean to say is that I think that posts like yours are unnecessary, and, frankly, not very helpful. I'm frankly sick and tired of people saying that there should be no fire in the belly, that everyone needs to "just calm down." So, in order to not get my ire up any more, I'll just not read your blog posts. :)

Rev. Paul L. Beisel said...

By the way, I'm sure there is a place for level-headedness, but there is also a place for fire in the belly. And I would encourage you not to try to squelch the latter, which is essentially what your posts, intended or not, are attempting to do. Makes me MORE mad to read such things.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

We need to be like snipers - cold, calcuating, and ready to pull the trigger. We need to be like samuari. We don't need to be bersekers.

When I am a berserker, I loose myself. When I am a samuari, I am ready to strike, yet trusting that my lord will put me to good use in his plans. When I am a sniper, I trust that my spotter gives me the proper target.

I tend to think that one is much more effective when one is cold blooded. But I'm from Chicago and sort of old school that way.

Rev. Paul L. Beisel said...

Eric, I think if you and I had to spend a lot of time together, we would probably drive each other crazy. You would always be trying to temper my temper. And I would resent you for it. it's a good thing we're not married.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Paul, I hope, sincerely hope, that it isn't just our dissimilar temperaments that make it a good thing we aren't married. =o)

And I'm always trying to temper my temper. If it weren't that I had a vile and nasty temper, I'd not worry about temper. Don't you realize that the things people rant and lament about are the very temptations that they face in their life?