Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Law with No Benefit

(From Walther's Law and Gospel, Reader's Edition - page 11) Nor is this the difference: that only the Gospel is necessary and not the Law - as if the latter were a mere afterthought that could be done away with if necessary. No, both doctrines are equally necessary for us humans. Without the Law, we cannot understand the Gospel; and without the Gospel, the Law is of no benefit to us.

The Law is not the point - the point is the Gospel. The Law is vital, because without the knowledge of sin, the Gospel is nonsensical - what is the point of being saved if one doesn't need saving?

But note the idea that if there is no Gospel, the Law has no benefit. So what if I strive after the Law - it gives me a smoother like now. Well, if we only live for now and there is no resurrection, we of all people are the most accursed.

Everything is to serve the Gospel - and not the "Gospel" meaning now you get to do nice things, not the "Gospel" meaning my evangelical commands for holy living. Everything serves and drives to this - while you were yet a sinner, Christ Jesus died for you. Because of this, you are forgiven and you will live forever.

That's the point. Of everything. And if that isn't the point of what you are driving at... well, then you've missed the point, haven't you?

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