Thursday, December 8, 2011

So now you see that SIN is...

I will admit it, I love Mel Brooks films. And I am a Star Wars fan. That didn't mean that, at first, I wasn't a bit dissappointed in "Spaceballs". I mean, it's no Young Frankenstein. However, with time, I have learned to appreciate it... but even at the very beginning, I knew there was on brilliant line in the movie. It is the final confrontation between the hero (Lone Star) and the villain (Dark Helmet), and it looks bad for the hero, and so Dark Helmet turns and says:

"Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb."

Actually, let's go to the clip.

It's fantastic. It's a wonderful line. It cuts to the point of what the villain is saying. Good is dumb.

Often people will take God's Law, and they will try to massage it, finesse it, shape it so that they can exhort, berate, force, and twist people into better behavior. There will be giant theories and books and ethical systems and the like.

Let us reason together, let us get to the point. What is the point of the Law?

Sin is dumb.

There it is - the lesson of the law, condensed down to three simple words. Sin is dumb.

Why is sin dumb? Well... it's death. It leads to bad things, and not just in terms of cosmic punishment, but even in the here and now. You steal something, and well, you're more likely to get killed in retaliation. Don't let the sun go down on your anger -- why? Because then your anger ruins tomorrow and not just your evening you jerkward! (Tissue?)

When we listen to our flesh, our desires, our wants, our self-justifying reason, we will think that the stupid, harmful things of this life are good. And they aren't.

Sin is dumb.


Yep. When you've been up for 90 minutes by 6:30 with the screaming kid before you've had your first cup of coffee, this is the exact sort of profundity that you get.

P.S. As a note, Spaceballs made the movie Independence Day totally unbelievable for me. Alien invasion... sure... but President Lone Star? No way!

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