Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Depersonalized Drama or Drama Light?

So, I've seen some goodly sniping on the internet these past few days -- not that this is a strange thing, or a 2012 thing. And I haven't really gotten involved -- and no, that's not a 2012 resolution thing. I just simply haven't had the energy or inclination. The same old debates about this or that fall to the back burner when your son is sleeping poorly and you're fighting off a cold.

And so, I've only observed briefly, and I thought about the whole internet flame war dust up what have you. See, I don't like drama, I don't like dramatics - I love maturity (well, most of the time...). Okay - I love maturity with the exception of when it prevents sophomoric humor (see, honesty!). But conflict and tension and backbiting and wounded feelings and affectations of wounded feelings... drives me nuts. I can't stand pity parties -- when we are instructed by the fathers to see which of us can be the more wronged, this wasn't what they were talking about.

However, noting the flame wars and the like... I've noted quite a few level headed, mature fellows getting involved. Indeed, people who can be quite nice suddenly seem to become lunatics when they are sitting at a keyboard (I'm looking around very innocently now with a coy smile, in case you were wondering).


I have an idea, but I'm not sure how to entitle it - it's either "Depersonalized Drama" or "Drama Light".

On the one hand - the internet depersonalizes arguments. You can have all the drama you want, all the andrenaline kicks, the self-righteous congratulatory high... and you don't see the person you are trouncing. Or if you are into getting a little bit of a pity fix... it's not from someone you see and interact with... it's just there on the computer whenever you need it. We can get the emotional kick of Drama without having to actually deal with real people that we have to see over and over. IS that the appeal - that we can get the emotional highs but then cut off interaction with ease, so we can turn it off and get back to normal like that?

On the other hand, maybe this is more just "Drama Light" -- because there is that medium of the computer, our fighting can taste great while being less filling at the same time (if you are under 30, that was a reference to old beer commercials). But maybe it's just that it is a lighter, less intense version of the drama... it doesn't impact you as harshly and rather can be smooth.

I don't know. Either way, it's probably not really good for you. Or your neighbor. Ah well.


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

So of course... I get involved in one today... but sheesh, a law passed by Congress may be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Thomas Lemke said...

Never discount irony. ;-)