Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Once Again It is Lent

Sometimes I feel it is strange that I enjoy Lent. I enjoy the readings on Sundays in Lent. I enjoy the midweek services, even though they can be somewhat tiring (especially as the sermons tend to be intense and focused). I enjoy the time of self discipline.

Or at least that's what I think. Perhaps this is nothing less than my old, sinful flesh patting itself on the back, hiding behind my outward actions saying, "Oh, yes, oh yes, what a good Christian am I!"

It's probably Lent. And once again I am reminded that I am both sinner and saint, that within myself I see a war, that I am simul justus et peccator in desperate need of Christ.

Which I suppose is part of the point of Lent. It is why my new man rejoices in it and why the old man tries to hide behind it. Thus is life in this fallen world - let us repent of our sin and of ourselves and fix our eyes upon Jesus, who comes into this world to fight for us.

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