Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hot and Cold

Well, warmer weather has come... today, we should be into the 90s. With very little wind, and what wind there is, from the south, so it won't cool that much. But we aren't going to stay hot -- by the weekend, we will be stormy with highs only in the mid or low 60s. Then, we'll be warmer. It seems we've spent the last two weeks doing this. I've never liked weather patterns like this - there's too much variance. Granted, that is one of the things that comes with living in Oklahoma - it just makes it hard to get adjusted, hard to get comfortable. But, that's spring - several premature attempts to jump to summer. I was talking with a member last night about God's "Immutability" - His changelessness... and so often I'll come across people who want to use this as a way of saying things God can't do -- God couldn't become Man because that would be a change... blah blah blah. That's not what saying God is immutable is about. It's saying He's constant and consistent. God is not like the Oklahoma weather. With weather here, I don't know what I'm going to get from one day to the next. God is consistent... you know what you are going to get with God -- there will always be forgiveness for those who repent. Everyday - mercy and love - it's 75 and mild, just like it always has been. I know there are some people who look at this and say, "Poppycock and balderdash! Sometimes God is wonderful to me and gives me tons of stuff, and sometimes He just lets horrible things come to me." First - why do you think that would be a measure of His love -- and second, if He keeps and preserves you through worse things, that's actually more love. I have to work much harder to keep a garden alive when it's 110 degrees outside... consider that He supports you more when it is harsh... or perhaps more accurately, that He continues to support you with what you need as He has always done? This is the Psalms. His steadfast love endures forever. That's Who God is... the One with constant, enduring Steadfast Love.

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