Friday, April 27, 2012

So Many Fake Pressures

Christians place so many false pressures upon themselves. Now, I think of this from my perspective as a pastor, where I think I am supposed to be all things to all people, "grow" my congregation, be everyone's favorite person, be the best preacher and teacher in the world, be the best presider in service, be the most cheerful and friendly person... okay, I know I don't have to be that, but there still is that nagging feeling that creeps in that I ought... that if only I were.... Anyone can fill in the pressures they have, especially the pressure to fit some "Christian" ideal of outward perfection... not just is morals (yes, strive to act morally), but in results. To have the perfect looking family, the perfect looking job, the perfect looking _________. It's all fake. That drive to look, that drive to appear perfect. Who is it for? Serve your neighbor. Strive to show love. Seek to grow... but don't worry about impressing anyone. It's fake.

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HB said...

I have the same reaction to those "How to..." sermons or church signs. EX: "How to apply the principles of Easter to your marriage" True story 8(