Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Thoughts on Authority

All earthly authority is given in order that those under the authority may be served.

My son is under my authority. Why? So that I may raise and care and instruct him.

A student is under a teacher's authority. Why? So that the teacher may teach the student.

A Policeman is given authority. Why? To protect and serve.

The Government is given authority. Why? To restrain evil and praise those who do good.

A husband is given authority. Why? To serve wife and family - women and children first isn't just for sinking ships.

A pastor is given authority over a congregation. Why? To serve them by fixing their eyes upon Christ and forgiving sins.

When we say that the fourth commandment has a promise attached to it, we are not saying that if you are a good little boy, then and only then will God bless you. No - the fourth commandment deals with authority, and authorities are sent by God to see that it is well with you, to see that you live long upon the earth. That's the promise, that's the Gospel. To ignore the authority is to harm yourself.

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