Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Theological-Historical Lesson

Again, for those of you who are lamenting how terrible elections were for the Church, consider:

~2000 B.C.  Abraham is a stranger in Cannan where his closest "allies" are Sodom and Gamorrah.

~1650-1450 B.C.  Israel is enslaved in Egypt.

1450-1000 B.C.  Every two generations or so, Israel morally and theologically collapses into vice and pagan worship and is repeatedly conquered.

900-586 B.C.  Horrid political division, a majority of wicked kings, prophets are killed.

586-538 B.C.  Exile.

~330 B.C.  Conquered by Alexander and consigned to Greek interferences.

170s B.C.  Go read Maccabees.

63 BC - Conquered by Rome

~30 AD - Jesus put to death.

30-100 AD - Church attacked and scattered.  Turned to torches in Rome.

100-300 AD - Intermittent persecution all the time.

300-400 AD - Christianity is legalized... and heretics constantly hound the faithful, even with the writing of the Nicene Creed.

410-450 AD - Barbarians sack and then destroy Rome, gutting civil order and the population of the West for hundreds of years.

500-1000 AD - Constant fights against pagans -- collapse of Asia Christian communities. 

600+ AD - Rise of Islam - Christianity in Palestine, North Africa, and eventually Asia Minor is almost wiped out.  The cradle of Christianity is gone.

1000-1500 AD - Division of the Church into East and West, Brutal fights with Islam, brutal internal fights.

1500-1650 AD - Reformation and Inter-Christian Warfare all over Europe.

1650+ AD - Increased Missionwork throughout the world, with constant persecution.

1800 + AD - the Decline of Christianity in Europe begins in earnest.

Today - Thousands are killed for the faith in Africa and Asia. 

Today in the US - We have freedom of religion, do not get killed.  We only get mocked a little on the TV and are surrounded by not-so-moral law.  And have been for 200 years. 

Historically speaking - relax American Christians, you have nothing to complain about.

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Jay Hobson said...

Ha, fantastic! What a great post to put things in perspective. Isn't it amazing what a little knowledge of the Bible and of Church history will get you? :D