Thursday, March 28, 2013

Did you not know...

One of the changes in the LSB that I did not like involved a hymn.  They changed one line, the very first one.  Now the hymn is "The Clouds of Judgment Gather" -- it used to be known as "The World is Very Evil."

I don't like that change.  I mean, I suppose it's true that the clouds of judgment gather... but there's a subtle shift in focus.  Oh, sure, the world is evil - but look, there's judgment coming.  We jump to quickly to that - we forget the simple truth.  The world is very evil.  Always has been, at least since the Fall.

I'm a always amazed when Christians get all riled up over the latest example of the world being evil.  I'm always befuddled when I see the hands get thrown up in the air that society in general would not only be immoral but... permit it as well!



Um, why is this shocking?  Why is this surprising?  Do you not read the Scriptures?  Do you not read Judges, and see what Israel does over and over again?  Do you not read Chronicles and see what happens to the Kings of Judah and Israel?

You vainly say that the US is a "Christian Nation" and think that this means that everything will be hunky dory -- well, historically that is just wrong (unless you want to reduce Christianity to a system of morals and view Jesus as just a new Lawgiver who helps us understand how awesome the Law is)... but look at the true CHOSEN NATION.  Israel.  And what happens to them?  Utter folly.

You say that Gay Marriage would be the utter flipping off of nature and example of idolatry... um, how about sacrificing babies to pagan gods.

Why are you surprised?  Have you not read the Scriptures, do not not know that man is fallen... and that separated from Christ he will be utterly wicked both outwardly and inwardly?

We forget that only the Gospel gives life.  We forget that we live in Christ.  Why do we expect anything even approximating life apart from Christ?

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