Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Bit More Luther

I am not an Antinomian.  I'm just happy to be focused on the Gospel and the Spirit working through it.  Just like Luther.
"Therefore when a preacher preaches in such a way that the Word is not frustrated in producing fruit but is efficacious in the hearers - that is, when faith, hope, love, patience, etc., follow - then God supplies the Spirit and performs powerful deeds in the hearers.... To love your neighbor so ardently that you are ready to surrender your money, property, eyes, your life, and everything you have for his salvation, and also to bear all adversities patiently - these are certainly powerful deeds of the Spirit.But you did not receive them from the Law; you received them from God, who supplied and daily increased the Spirit in you in such a way that the Gospel had a very happy course among you as you taught, believed, worked, and bore your adversities."  -  Luther on Galatians 3:5 - AE 26:220
Seriously, just read Luther's Greater Galatians Commentary.  It will smack the Synergist right out of you.

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Steve Martin said...

Isn't it funny how people think that they can use the law to some good effect where God is concerned?

That Old Sinner in us needs to be beaten down, and quite regularly with the law. And I mean a good dose of the law...that kills.

I guess if they say that you are an antinomian then you are in good company with a lot of other Christians who live by faith, alone.