Sunday, August 4, 2013

No Carnage - Now What?

Well, there was no carnage at the Convention.  The Right Wing didn't get any sacrificial lambs, they didn't get all the problems of the Synod solved by the magic 55% vote bullet of temporary majority.  So what now?

Well, if things go to typical pattern we will see:

1.  A reassertion of how someone isn't Confessional (and normally how decent folks aren't Confessional).
2.  A Bemoaning of how terrible liberal leadership is, how much they are interfering and are dangerous (no matter how out of the loop or ignored they are).
3.  A heartfelt expression of peace, even as one goes searching and itching for a fight.

That's the normal pattern.

I would suggest, how about we be about the things that make for peace?  How about a renewed focus on confession and absolution... not trying to make the guy over there confess his copious faults, not fighting the great fight that will be taught in the History of the LCMS class in 30 years. 

No.  Let us make for peace.  I have sinned.  I repent.

No.  Let us make for peace.  You are my brother, and I forgive you.

No.  Let us make for peace.  Come my friend, listen, learn, and rejoice in Christ.

Let us act as the sons of God we have been declared to be instead of finding new and devious ways to prove how much greater we are than other, new ways to treat others with contempt.

Trinity 10 - they do not know what make for peace.
Trinity 11 - those who treat others with contempt.

These lessons are specifically for the "Confessional Lutherans".

Would that we would learn them.

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