Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Seductive Danger of False but "good" Law

One of the common ways in the Scripture to describe chaos and wickedness is "and everyone did what was right in their own eyes."  When you heard that being the description, you knew society was in trouble.

Sort of like today.

So then, what is the solution?  How do we get out of the pits that we find ourselves in?  Well, in Scripture (especially Judges), the pattern we see is things get worse and worse, but then God remembers the remnant who cry out for mercy, and He saves them.

That's a good pattern.

The problem is the too often *we* don't want to wait on God.  We would rather fix it ourselves in our own way.  We think that we know best... and we think the solution is Law.  New rules. 

No, we will trade "and everyone did what was right in their own eyes" and turn it into a massive struggle where we say, "Now, everyone will do what is right in MY eyes.  Here is how YOU WILL LIVE."


Do you see the fall in that?  Do you hear the subtle whispers of Satan saying, "You know how to fix things, how to make people behave, what to tell them.  Why, you can be like God."

Gone are thoughts focused on Scripture, gone is the idea that the Law is given primarily to show us our sin.  Gone is theology - gone is listening to Scripture.  Rather, the Scriptures then become a pretext, a springboard from which we add our own "Therefore *I* tell you, here is what you need to do."

Jesus can tell us "therefore I say unto you"... He's God.  That's His thing.

So, what are you doing when you go beyond God's Law and try to mandate what He has not mandated?  When you go beyond saying, "Scripture says that this is good, that this is bad" and on to "and here is what you must do to avoid the bad"?

You speak like Satan.  You bring forth false law.  You act the liar and the murderer.  You forget Christ and Him Crucifed.  You don't even turn Him into a New Moses... you turn Him into a New Aaron where He merely holds up your arms as you make your new and better demands.

The Law Kills.  Always.  Only Christ Rescues.  Only the Spirit Gives Life.

God grant us preachers who are actually interested in the Gospel!

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Steve Martin said...


There is NO life in the law.

But we still need it..on this level, to live...and to expose us and drive us to Christ.

But "Christ is the end of the law for all those who have faith."

There's our authentic life...in Him...and in Him alone.

Thank you, Rev.