Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Last Quiet Christmas Morning

I was up before my son this morning.  I woke up just before five, quietly went around getting some prep work done for Christmas Dinner today (my parents are coming out after service in Woodward).  Things are brining well - it will be tasty.

And it's quiet.

Now, next year - well, Victor will be three by then, and he'll have a concept of Christmas Morning = presents (even though we aren't going to open until this afternoon when Grandma and Grandpa get here)... so I don't imagine I'll be having the quiet little morning then.

This could be my last quiet Christmas morning.

And even it I spent getting ready for dinner =o)

There is so much hoopla around Christmas, so many things that are going on.  So much this or that.  So many expectations - Sometimes they lead to a Sad and Lonely Christmas for many.  Rarely do we get a chance to sit and pause and wonder and think.  Over and over in Luke 2 we hear that Mary pondered these things.

Pause for just a moment.

God becomes Man.  The Creator of the Universe, the Word which called all things into being, became Man.  And why?  So He could spend eternity hanging out with you.

Okay - so quiet Christmases in the days of Google and You-tube aren't what they used to be. 

At any rate - wherever you may be this day, be it a day of busy joy, of sad reminiscing, of memories good or bad - Christ Jesus became Man to win you your salvation.  Have a blessed Christmas.

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