Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The War on the Holidays

Can I say something that might tick off the Fox News Crowd?  The whole "War on Christmas" thing - it's stupid.

No, I don't mean that the world out there is mean and stupid for not doing the whole Christmas thing whole hog (although often that is the case).  Rather, I mean that getting all bent out of shape over things is stupid.  And it is co-opting Christians in engage in stupid debates that we should be far, far above.

Why do I say this?  Well, consider:

1.  You aren't supposed to say "Happy Holidays" because it denies Christmas.  Isn't that the way it is now?  So are we Christians supposed to get riled up over this - or should we pause and think for a second.  Let's see... St. Nicholas' on December 6th, and the Midweek Advent services, and then Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the Feast of Stephen (for all you good King Wenceslas fans), St. John on the 27th, Holy Innocents the 28th, New Year's Eve, New Year's/Circumcision and name of Jesus, and Epiphany.

You know what those all are?  Holy Days.  Happy Holy Days!  Happy Holidays. 

Happy Holidays was initially not a reference to all the various different religious ideas and days... it was a reference to our own slew of festivals. 

2.  What color is Santa?  That's the debate this year.  I mean... can we get more foolish?  Are we asserting the historicity of St. Nicholas of Myrna (and thus positing a Mediterranean complexion), or are we getting riled up and riling folks up because of a stinking Coca-Cola advert?

What does this have to do with anything about the Holidays, from a Christian perspective?  Nothing!

What other bits of agitation do you hear the drums for? Chances are - they are silly.  Enjoy your advent in Church - ponder the comings of our Lord.  And outside in the world... just let people do whatever silly wintery things they want.  It's really not worth the agitation.

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the Old Adam said...

I think we might look at it (the denial of Christ in Christmas) as an opportunity.

Maybe we can speak to people and let them in on the secret. That Christmas marks the beginning of the end of religion…the beginning of the end of people making their own pathway to righteousness before God.

We might find some ears that will listen. Who knows?