Monday, December 23, 2013

Why I'm Not Leaving Thrivent

Panic!  Panic in the halls of Lutherandom!


Well, because apparently Planned Parenthood of the Dakotas and Minnesota was made a possible recipient of Thrivent Choice dollars.  And this upset many, many people.  I've seen people pulling their funds with indignation.


Or maybe I should say "Why now?"

Have we not realized that Thrivent is pan-Lutheran (meaning they've got those Liberal ELCA folks in their fold)?  Actually, it's not even pan-Lutheran anymore -- we opened up to everyone.  Remember?

So why is anyone, ANYONE, surprised that some of the Liberal northern Lutherans would want to send some of their money to Planned Parenthood?

And remember - this isn't Thrivent sending corporate money - this is choice dollars -- your share of the profits set to go where you wish.  So, nothing from you goes there.

If you are freaked out by this, you haven't been paying attention for the past decade -- and to borrow the words of Colin Cowherd, "That's a you problem."

So... I really so no reason to leave.  They aren't doing anything different with me -- and do you think any other insurance place is going to be moral? 

How do you think abortions get paid for anyway?  This is life in a fallen world.

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