Tuesday, January 21, 2014

But is he Lutheran!?

But is he Lutheran?  There's a question for you.

Oh, you like the Tullian fellow?  But is he Lutheran?

Oh, you like that Ken Ham fellow?  But is he Lutheran?

I do find it interesting that we Lutherans, who are adamant on there being Christians in other denominations, who learn from a young age to put the best construction on things, will then look, and when a theologian is praised for topic X, will then say, "Oh, but are they Lutheran"?

... well, no.  But that doesn't mean that he doesn't have a good grasp on this topic or that topic.  If you want to criticize someone (hmm, why so quick to criticize anyway - even the seven churches get a bit of praise first, even the letters of Paul begin with praise), find the point to criticize them on... and be direct.  Especially if you lament all the time that plenty of people who call themselves "Lutheran" aren't really "Lutheran".

Let's do more with Scripture and theology and less than labels.

This lack of confidence is... unbecoming.  Let us rather rejoice when anyone gets even a bit of decent theology.