Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tell Me Why I Shouldn't Listen to Him

But is he Lutheran?

Isn't he wrong on some other topic that he isn't talking about right now?

Didn't you hear about the scandals of his personal life?

You know about his family, right?

You know what his dad, his grandad did back in the old _______ scandal, don't you?

+ + + + +

When you are reading someone's ideas... are the critics engaging the idea, or are they doing something else?  Do we refute ideas, or do we just tell you details as to why you shouldn't listen to someone?

Ack and Alas for Lutheranism today!


Steve Martin said...


What are they saying TODAY?

And is it the proclamation of the pure gospel?

If so…they are alright.

Anonymous said...

Luther said, "True, by any consideration of body or soul you should never say: I am Lutheran, or Papist. For neither of them died for you, or is your master. Christ alone died for you, he alone is your master, and you should confess yourself a Christian....You should rather say: Whether Luther is a rascal or a saint I do not care; his teaching is not his, but Christ's...The person you can forget; but the teaching you must confess..."
- "Receiving Both Kinds in the Sacrament" AE 36:265-266

Steve Martin said...

O that Marty.

He was a real bulldog for there gospel.