Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's the Real Focus of Lent?

So, now we are coming to Lent - so what is it's point, what is its purpose?  Is it about suffering?  Is it about self-denial?  Is it about making sure we hear the Word more often (yea midweek services!)?

I hear a lot of things about Lent, and most of the time I think they hit on tangential issues.  Here is what I would submit - our seasons in the Church have themes.  Advent is about Christ's coming.  Christmas is about the incarnation, that God becomes Man for us.  Epiphany is about Christ revealing that He is True God.

And Lent - Lent is about Jesus.  Lent is the season where we focus most clearly on Jesus taking the battle to Satan - Jesus fighting against sin and death and the Devil.

Think on the upcoming readings - His temptation, He heals, He casts out demons, He takes on false doctrine, He fights against hunger and hardship... and He dies.  This is all saying, "Look at Jesus take the battle to Satan."  This is, as Luther would have us sing, "But for us fights the valiant one."

Lent is the battle season - it is the Son of God going forth to war for you.  That's the real focus of Lent.

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