Monday, July 9, 2018

HT Breakout Outline

(Here's the outline for my sectional for the 2018 HT conferences - posted here just in case I lose handouts)

Granny's Getting Older

While we often think of “raising a family” in terms of care for the young (parents for children), there is also the other side – care for parents and grandparents – David sending parents to Moab, Jesus saying, “Woman Behold Your Son” on the Cross. The Orphan and the Widow are both to cared for.

I – Understanding the Aging Process (The Elderly Are Like Backwards Teenagers)
1 – Everyone ages – that's just the reality of life – but sin and death twist this. The aging curve (beware the freshman 15, the thirties – my need for readers)
2 – Imagine growing towards what you were two years ago, or three years ago.
3 – The Body Weakens and the Mind Slow (The talents you hone now, imagine them withering)
4 – Finances Get tighter.
5 – Independence is valued, but they become less capable.

II – Simple Ways of Serving
1 – Companionship – Be “present” with them. Youth presence can have a profound impact. (babies are the future, you are their past – I get to start to commiserate)
2 – Subtly Lending a Hand – from you better than from others.
3 – Listening and Learning to their Experience
4 – Helping the primary caregivers (like your parents)

III – Things Going Bad
1 – Mourning and Loss (Not just death, but losing abilities)
2 - Doctors and Disease
Scary Sounding names – like “congestive heart failure”
3 – Dementia
Don't correct, just roll, like you would with a toddler.

IV – Transitions
1 – Assisted Living/Moving in with the Kids
2 – Nursing Home
3 – Skilled Nursing Care
4 – Hospice
5 – Hospitals and the end of care. DNRs, Palliative care, the “plug” - but not euthanasia.

V – The Resurrection of the Body

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