Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Faith is the “Yes” of the Heart

1376 – Faith is the “Yes” of the Heart – Faith is the yes of the heart, a convinction on which one stakes one's life. On what does faith rest? On Christ, born of a woman, made under the Law, who died, etc., as the children pray. To this confession I say yes with the full confidence of my heart. Christ came for my sake, in order to free me from the Law, not only from the guilt of sin but also from the power of the Law. If you are able to say yes to this, you have what is called faith; and this faith does everything.... But this faith does not grow by our own powers. On the contrary, the Holy Spirit is present and writes it in the heart.

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The above is cited from the wondrous "What Luther Says" book, and it comes from a sermon on Galatians 4:1-5 in 1540.  It's just beautiful.

Faith frees us from the Law.  "But doesn't that mean that we will be wicked without the law to bash us!?"

No... because this faith does everything.  Faith fulfills all the things that God would have us do.  And God uses us to accomplish His good, freely and without threat or manipulated by reward.

It's all good in Christ - it really is.

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