Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wanting to get back to business

If you are flagging as a Pastor, if you are feeling run down and don't quite find the joy in your office, I have a suggestion - get mono. I tell you, after 9 weeks of this and still not being able to do a good, full, 8 hours without being completely worn out - I am so eager to get back to all the little things that being a Pastor brings. Of course, with Thanksgiving and Advent coming up, the extra strength I should be getting will probably be going that way.

But I suppose that is the way of it in human life. When you are able you are rarely willing - and when you can't things seemed so much sweeter when you could. Wherever we are at, we can find a reason for discontentment - whether it's too much on the plate, or only a liquid diet and can't even get to the plate.

I'm betting this is one of the reasons why Paul keeps being determined to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified. He deals with a lot of things that might get one down, thorns in the flesh, Judiazers, Corinthians, and the like. Of course when we look to our sitz en lieben we will be dour and know that we can think of ways this life could be better. But when we look to Christ - things are a bit better, rain or shine.

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