Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Political Update Tracking and unforseen consequences

It is amazing the amount of political balleyhoo that goes on in our Synod. I can't comment on it - I'd get all depressed and my sermons would be nothing but law. Instead, Augsburg 1530 has lots of updates on the like. It literally seems to have become a watchdog blog.

As such, some things should be taken with a grain of salt - just as the newspaper that always tries to break the story needs to be taken with a grain of salt - but you'll be a head of whatever goes on.

Like the accidental posting on the LMCS web site of KFUO looking for a new full-time radio host, which was removed because it wasn't supposed to be there.

You know, this makes me think about something. Last summer, the convention elections went horribly, in my opinion, for the conservative stream of the LCMS. Many folks where happy about this. However, I'm wondering now if they are. . . because so many people who are now out of office seem to be watching the Synod like hawks and reporting on everything. Unforseen consequences are always interesting.

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