Saturday, March 6, 2010

What is wrong

The Missouri Synod, all factions and groups within it, have a strong respect for the Scriptures. Even the folks that will selectively ignore parts still claim a strong, strong love for the Word. However, here is the problem -- for too many the Word is incidental and not foundational.

I attended a workshop today on Evangelism. It wasn't bad. . . but it wasn't great either. And there was some fantastic verses of Scripture brought forth. . . but it was just brought forth. It wasn't discussed, delved into, wasn't lived and breathed.

And that is what authentic Lutheranism is - being in the Word, living, breathing, eating, sleeping, even dying in the Word. The Scriptures are the TEXT, not merely the pretext according to which we do what seems best to us.

When will we remember this?

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