Thursday, April 1, 2010

Comments and the like

My friend and classmate Rev. Charles St.-Onge has a weekly Blog post for the Houston Chronicle. (If you've ever heard me describe Hebrew by saying, "The phrase can mean, 'the king is sitting on his throne,' or 'the cabbages are rotting in the field.' Context will determine the meaning of the phrase" - this observation comes from Rev. St.-Onge).

He always writes fine articles - I will highly recommend them - but of note is comments. Wow. Things are all over the place, and then, of course, the passion of those who are seemingly anti-religious.

I'll admit, I can enjoy a good debate in the comments - I've been in more than my fair share of them. However -- why are you commenting where you are? I've done plenty of comments in friends' blogs. Or colleagues' blogs. Or blogs claiming to teach what I believe. But I can't imagine going to posting something antagonistic on, say. . . a Science Blog, or a Roman Catholic Blog.

Yet it seems as though if there is a mass media blog post, the comments are just. . . overly impassioned and rude (CNN is horrid for that).

I'm not sure what this means, what this says about society. But what I will say is this - gentle speech is a fine thing, everyone. A fine thing, that we are forgetting. Civil discourse is a good thing.

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Robyn said...

Well, it's widely known down here that commenters on the Chron website are, by and large, a special breed of stupid.

(Had to qualify that with "by and large" 'cause I've been known to comment there... though not often anymore, considering the level of the discourse...)