Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Never Grow Up

We never grow up.

My son has convinced me of this.

I see his delight in simple things.  I see his pointless anger and temper tantrums.  I see him reach out for things that are bad for him, I see him fight off things that are good for him (especially come bedtime).

Okay "adults" - are you any different?  When you are at your best, your "cutest" - isn't it when you are delighting in the simple joys of life, the simple wonders and blessings that God has given you?  How about anger and tantrums, when you fuss and complain and hold on to anger over little things?  How about when you keep striving after things that you know are bad for you?  How about when you fuss and whine about things that are good?

The thing is... we know better as adults.  And we behave just as poorly.

I just looked at my son.  He smiled and coo'ed in his bouncer.  He delighted.  Soon he will fuss and I will have to tend to him.

This is life in the fallen world.  And what my son does... I know I myself do as well.  Lord have mercy on me, and be a better Father to me than I am to my son!

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