Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Sweet Sounding Lie

I saw a clickhole gif thing on explaining divorce using gifs from Orange is the New Black (it was not good enough to merit a link - links here are not based on grace), but the text of it got me thinking.  To sum, it was the parents explaining why they got divorced, and basically it could be summed up as:

24 years is a long time to love each other... but don't worry, we still love you.

Literally - 24 years is a long time to love someone.  We still love you.

So... what happens when the kid turns 24?  What if the job isn't there and she wants to move back home?  Sorry kid, 24 years is really too long to love someone?  Or do you get until 26 if you are a child?

It was so utterly... whitewashed, so utterly dishonest.  People do not get divorces because they don't "love" each other (well, they do, they choose not to serve and care for each other - which is what love actually is) - people don't get divorced merely because the "feeling" is gone.

That sounds too sweet. 

People get divorced because of hatred and anger and infidelity and betrayal and violence.

That's not 24 years is a long time to love someone.  That's I'm selfish, I'm greedy, I'm stupid, I'm jealous, I just don't care.

Reading that piece, it was utterly emblematic of what we do with sin and its impacts. We try to spin it with a sweet sounding lie.

It's not selfishness - we just don't love each other.  Easy come, easy go.
It's not death - it's passing on.
It's not disdain - it's I'm too busy.

We could go on -- all trying to beat around the bush and not deal with sin.

Sin is sin.  And it is nasty and horrible, no matter how we poorly try to cover it.  And here is the thing - Satan loves the poor covers.  Why?  Because if you aren't a sinner, you don't think you need Christ.

You don't need Christ to deal with the sweet sounding lie -- after all, He came for sinners, and you're just a sweet smelling rose in such a hard world.

No.  You are a sinner.  See it.  And then see Christ Jesus.  He has died for that sin, and it is no more, and He gives you life.  Not one of denial - but one of forgiveness, one where you face down temptation instead of willy-nilly rolling along in denial. 

Be honest about your sin - for you have an honest Savior.

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