Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feeling Spiritually Sick?

Right now, I am feeling physically sick. I spent 2 hours with a member at the emergency room yesterday morning, and then another 2 and 1/2 last night after we ended up taking her back in. They don't know quite what is wrong with her - nasueous and low blood pressure/faint. I'm pretty sure it's a virus, because I think she's given it to me.

That being said - when you are physically ill, you generally feel it. You just don't feel right. Does that tend to be the case for those who are Spiritually ill? I really don't think so - at least not to the same extent. Now, granted, it may be easy to see the signs - 1 John and James would have us look at love. The less love being shown, the higher the "Spiritual Fever" (how many enthusiasts are going to find my website now because of that phrase) works very well as a diagnostic.

But what about from the point of view of the person who is slipping. Do we notice on our own? Most of the time no, because one of the first thing any spiritual malady does is try to cut us off from the Word - so we don't hear the law, we cut ourselves off from that mirror that would let us see our pale, limpid life.

This is the importance of the law. Sometimes I am asked why sermons always have to include law. Because when we slip, we don't see it on our own - but God's Law needs to come into play to show us our lack. And this is why a Pastor can never be simply a Gospel only type of person -- because in this world we need the law -- because while we are in our sinful flesh and continually slip and slide we need the law to let us know what our deadened sense of morality can so easily overlook at Satan's prodding - that we are still indeed sinners in need of forgiveness - bigger sinners than we will ever know.

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