Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I am a sick man

So, tonight, Jay, my festive Seminarian (enters this fall) and his brother Craig are coming over to enjoy the Star Wars role playing game I made up (yes, I made up a Star Wars Roleplaying game - I didn't like the "official" one - and no, I don't think this is too wierd - it's just pretend like when we were kids, but we rolled a few dice to find out who shot who).

At any rate - I needed to design a secret Rebel cel that the characters would run into. I had made up the contact last time - I needed a name. . . and I picked out, for some strange reason, Miles Schultz - a good solid pastor here in Oklahoma (the contact was a bartender, and he'd actually probably be a very nice, jolly bartender).

So, the Rebel cell consists of four people - Petersen, Cwirla, Weedon, and Ball. Snicker. Snicker. It will be fun when Jay gets to Fort Wayne and starts figuring out who some of these fellows are. And the fact that I made them be "Rebels against the Empire". And the fact that I put them in a "Cell Group."

I am a sick, sick man.

(oh, by the by - Petersen is the leader, does the social things. Cwirla is the techie. Weedon does tactics - and Ball is the brawny, two-fisted medic. I am a sick, sick man)


Pr. Benjamin Ball said...

Medic? Come on, I'm not sitting out the fight at Toshi station looking for power converters or medical supplies! Give me a blaster!

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Don't worry, you are a two fisted medic. You're the big fisticuffs bruiser -- sort of like how Indy is a Doctor.

This will be fun when I get to do it - had problems that night so didn't get to.