Wednesday, October 24, 2007

7 True Things. . . sort of

Here already, for you, my faithful readers - I have already given 10 - 10 fundamental truths of preaching. But that is not enough - always the demand comes for more, more! My good friend Pastor Chris Hall has tagged me for "Seven True Things." I am now supposed to give 7 more true things - true things about myself. So here it goes.

1. I really enjoy listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio. Sometimes he can be arrogant, but he approaches sports from an interesting, intelligent angle. My wife thinks he is arrogant - and he can be. Of course - I can be arrogant too (and that's a free bonus truth for you).

2. I find theological indifference to be more annoying in a person than someone who believes something silly but can at least defend it. Actually, that's true not just for theology - but for philosophy, history, any type of discussion. As long as you can defend it - I will respect you. You don't have to defend it well - but if you do that is fantastic.

3. Part of being a Cubs fan is relishing losing, falling short, waiting for next year. In the back of our heads, we all think things will be so much sweeter when we get there - and if we were honest, I think we'd be a little scared of losing the lovable loser moniker.

4. I find I am not worried about the Synod at large - because, even having gone to the Synodical Convention, I've never had to deal with the Synod at large. I've never been part of the big wigs - I don't belong to one of the royal families - and I don't hang on the latest issue of the Concordia Pulpit for my sermons or the latest book from CPH for my bible studies. Synod at large - who cares. My congregation - I care about that. My neighboring congregations - yeah, what hits them hits me. But the abstract Synod - I can't control what happens there - I'm not going to lose sleep - but as for me and my house, we will follow the Lord.

5. Having been spoiled before my dad went to the Seminary - and by necessity not spoiled afterwards - I believe that spoiling a child is the worst thing you can do. A lesson that needs to be learned is that the world doesn't revolve around you - and it is scary when that lesson isn't taught until after you leave home. Either you get into a lot of trouble in college or turn into someone who acts remarkably like a Baby Boomer stereotype.

6. A bizarre Contrast - I firmly believe that I would have excelled in any major I had chosen at college (with the exception of the arts themselves) - and yet, when I look at what I have studied, I realize I could have done them and mastered them so much more. Even as I rattle off knowledge and people get all impressed (I had a member extol how well I know my Scripture - um - not as well as I should) I see how much more not only I ought to know, but that I "should" know and would have known if I had been diligent with my studies.

7. I love OU - I am a big Oklahoma fan -- but when it comes to men's basketball, I'm still an Indiana fan. But I'm torn. Part of the reason why I am an Indiana fan was Knight was still the coach there when I was at OU - and working in the athletic department I had no respect for Kelvin Sampson - never saw the Men's Basketball students there. But now Sampson is at IU and is breaking NCAA rules. Confused am I!

Oh - and if it works, I'll tag Beecroft, Esget, Beisel, and Mackey (just leave a good comment here, my friend)


Anonymous said...

ERIC, It's the IU Rivals web sit or simply google "PEEGS" to get all the information concerning IU and CELLvin SANCTION...OMG can you believe it, only "profession" where they will fire you, pay you the remained of your contract only to be hired by some other outfit...As long as he stays at IU he'll be on "double-secret-probation" Lotta sad and upset folks...

Life in Decatur is, well, busy but we like it that way...

Keep your powder dry


Danny Mackey said...

7 true things...hmmm.

1) I like Eric Brown, despite the fact that he's the way he is. He reminds me of a friend of mine years ago, but not as smelly. Smelly, still, but not as smelly as the other guy.

2) Sometimes I dream about being Trogdor the Burninator.

3) Currently I'm torn between the idea that good theology must be conservative (you know, the passing on of that which has been passed onto us) or that it should be creative (that is, theology is a deeply personal endeavor). Of course, the former is the safer route...being dead orthodox is better than being living heterodox.

4) I attended a pastoral conference this last week. It was okay. However, I think that most of these guys have way too much free time on their hands. I know that I do (as evidenced by my writing on this blog).

5) I wish that I was on the same lectionary as Eric Brown and that he would write his sermons a week ahead of schedule. Then I could just download them. My congregation would appreciate it as well--because the sermons are quite a bit shorter. Alas, I am reduced to producing theologically- and intellectually-superior sermons of my own.

6) I really don't care much for sports. Some of the confirmands ask, "Will I get to play baseball in heaven?" I want to answer, "I pray to God not." I figure heaven will be far better than chasing a ball around or swinging a stick or painting your body in team colors. One of the best things about heaven is that the guy holding the John 3:16 sign probably won't be there. Go, Purple Aces!

7) Chris Hall, I don't even know you, but I hate you for starting this!

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

We love you Purple Aces!

Mason said...

I'll have to look at the questions again! But I will post my responses in the next few days-

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

There are no questions - you simply give out 7 "true" things.

Mason said...

Ok, seven true things...

1) I like beer alot. By beer, I mean good beer, not stuff produced by Anheuser Busch or Miller. And I like it so much that I make my own. I don't know how I would get through an ordinary Wednesday afternoon otherwise.

2) I am a fantasy football addict. Fortunately, I will destroy Esget this week and almost guarantee a spot in the playoffs.

3) I cannot stand "creativity" or "novelty" when it comes to the liturgy. It makes me doubt the presence of Christ when I watch a pastor play MC-

4) I cannot stand Oklahoma sports. Sorry Eric. I am a Pac 10 man all the way. Go Beavers.

5) I am a big fan of alternative country music (Keen, Knight, Lovett, CCM, etc.). It is low-brow, but so am I.

6) I enjoy hanging out with my family. My wife and two kids (and two dogs) make me laugh constantly.

7) I love the Mass--because Christ is there for His people. It is the best part of my week and life.