Monday, October 15, 2007

On the way to Pastor's Conference

Over on one of my friend's blogs, I got into a slight discussion over what the Lord's Supper is - not really in depth - but one of my friends said (paraphrased), "Well, Methodists basically believe in transubstation" - and as the discussion went on, it became clear that he thought a spiritual presence was enough for the "basic" part of his description. So there was just a bit of theology on what Rome believes (for my Roman Catholic friend jumped in) and then I tossed in terms like "real presence" and now "bodily presence" to help explain some of the differences. . .

And I had a sad thought. I enjoyed that convo so much - even though it sort of shanghaied the original post (was about radical evangelicals on the west coast active trying to punish gays - and my comment about -- well, duh, there is a big stream of reformed thought that approves of the use of force to make people see the light) - but I enjoy discussing theology.

So why is it that I fear I will discuss more theology with my gay lasped Methodist and Roman Catholic housewife friends than I will at my district pastor's conference? And what does it say that I may be right?


Philip Hoffman said...

As far as I have heard from most every Luther pastor you are right. LCMS pastors, for a number of reasons, don't talk or think theologically amongst each other anymore.

Mason said...


I am still trying to understand the term "synod", especially when we have abolished the mass and there seems to be little that is common.

I wish it were different.