Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Law always kills

The Law always kills. Always. In every case, in every usage - the Law always kills.

Now, the Law is meant to kill. If a person is sinning in pride - the Law should kill that pride. If a person has wrong desires, the Law is to put those desires to death. Or in short - the Law is meant to kill the sinner, to mortally wound the sinner, to bring him contritely to his knees.

But here is the thing. The Law always kills - and when misapplied it can kill the wrong thing. It kills the humble man who gets lambasted. It kills the contrite heart desiring mercy. The Law kills.

Luther points this out - that the Law is never to be spoken to a person who is contrite - Luther is adamant on this. And why? Because he knows that the Law kills. Always. Even third use of the Law. Pruning kills. Chemo kills. And if they are used with care, you kill the tree, kill the patient.

The Law kills. Take care in the use of the sword, lest you slay more than sin and Satan.

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