Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting ready for vacation

Well. . . the dots are "i"ed and the crosses are "t"ed. . . or however that goes. Thursday evening after the "Daniel in 1 Hour" class at 2, me bride and I will be headed off on vacation. I am looking forward to it - my mind is getting mushy and I need the rest. And I also am looking forward to hearing someone else preach and learning from someone else. That is a fine blessing that people forget Pastors all to often are left without. Oigh.

I'm not as spiffy as Pastor Hall so I probably won't have any predated posts (besides, they'd probably just be quite bizarre at the moment anyway) - but I may get to update the travels a bit. We will see.

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Pastor D said...

We head out to the windy city Sunday after services...Hank and Lydia are done with their summer jobs...they'll head back to campus soon. It will be only a few short days but good to get away!