Sunday, October 5, 2008

Probably some theological lesson

There is probably some theological lesson that I can draw from the Cubs getting swept. Perhaps something along the lines of - trust not in Cubbies, they are but mortal (although this would be better if I were a Brewers fan - trust not in Prince Fielder, he is but mortal). Or perhaps how we see an example of fear causing good works to cease. . . fear of history and nothing good comes.

But right now - nothing. On the bright side - I probably won't be as morose as I was last week.

Oh well - thus is life. And my adopted AL team, the Rays, are still doing well.

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Pastor D said...

ah, how about our old sinful self always promising to get better, to do more, to finally get it "wait till next year..." Almoost like being an IU football fan...poor son Henry in the 4 years he's been at Indiana State they have won...only ONE game the same weekend St. Mother Theodore Guerin, the founder of St. Mary-of-the-Woods college in Terre Haute,was canonized in Rome.