Monday, October 20, 2008

An early morning Ponderance - The weekend of the Church Year

Reformation approaches. This is the time of year where. . . well, we end up dealing with ideas in the Church that run the most counter to the typical American point of view. We have our celebrations of Reformation Day (which I end up transferring to the last Sunday in October) which reminds us that we ourselves are in need, always, of continual reform - that the entire Christian life is one of repentance.

What? You mean we aren't in the most perfectest gloriest place ever?

Then we move into November, with it's focus on the end times - that Christ Jesus will come to deliver us from this vale of tears and wicked world unto the glories of heaven.

What? The world is evil. . . but we are Americans in America -- we live in the bestest country in the world -- why, shoot - I've never been to heaven, but I've been to Oklahoma! Why do we need this talk of the end times (and especially if we don't have any cool novels about our approach)?

And then we move into Advent - with it's focus on patience, and waiting, it's reminder that God acts for us and our benefit when it pleases Him.

What? Get with the times! Today it's all about instant gratification - Christmas comes as soon as the unsold Halloween costumes go on clearance. . . what is this waiting thing you speak of?

In America, when it comes to God, well, we love having our weekends. . . Saturday is too busy for in-depth study, and Sunday is a wonderful day to sleep in. We ought to have an intense, theological weekend - but we just won't want it. We are hitting the year-end - the Saturday and Sunday of the Church Year - it's end and it's beginning - and it's an intense time where we examine ourselves and realize that we must rely and wait upon God.

And too many of us would rather sleep on through it. Lord have mercy upon us! Prepare us for Your coming by continual reformation of our hearts and minds!

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Pastor D said...

This time of the year is one of my favorites. Love the count down to the end of the Church year - the preperation of Advent. Thanksgiving is the culmination of the harvest. Sadly, my Hoosiers are not doing as well as we had hoped. The kids are doing great - can't believe it's Henry's senior year. Preach on! Love your insight!