Monday, June 22, 2009

A Luther Quote

The last part of #3786 in "What Luther Says"

Therefore the only thing we need to do in this matter is to believe [that God will do what is needed] and in strong confidence pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that, since God has established His kingdom and it is His work, He would strengthen it. For He has certainly raised it up without any cooperation, advice, thought, and intention of ours; and hitherto He has also ruled, conducted, and preserved it. Nor do I doubt that at He will certainly complete it without our advice and cooperation. “For I know,” says St. Paul (1 Tim 1:12) “whom I have believed” and am also certain that He is able to give more, to do and help superabundantly more, than we ask or understand. He is called “Lord,” a Lord who is able and willing to help wonderfully, gloriously, and mightily – and just when the need is the greatest. We should be men and not God; we should be comforted by His Word; and because of His assurance we should confidently call upon Him for help in trouble. Then He will come to our aid. This is the gist of the matter. Nothing else will come of it. Otherwise our reward would be everlasting unrest. May God keep us from this for the sake of His dear Son, our Savior and eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ. Amen

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