Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not quite an "Ethics Person"

I am not an Ethics Person. Note: I did not say that I am not an "ethical" person - just that I am not a person who really enjoys the deep and strong discussions on ethics where right and wrong on each specific point are attempted to be preemptively nailed down. It bores me. . . and it also strikes me as somewhat egotistical especially when I think I can write it down so that I can apply myself to others.

And partially, it's simple. Do the Law. Show love. There it is -- that is Christian ethics. . . Love God, Love your neighbor. That's it.

Too often ethics becomes either a vain attempt to get out of loving God and neighbor (the liberal twist) where love is redefined with indifference to Scripture and the Law or ethics becomes a descent into moral handwringing about how horrid the world is.

The Christian Ethic is simple - show love. Period. You must show love. The Christian Ethic is the law of God.

Now - how do I best show love in a situation? That can be a sticky wicket - and there are tons of variables, and there will be conflicts and nastiness. . . and no matter what you do, it won't be ideal. In these cases neither shirk your duty denying God's law as the liberals do, nor wring your hands and hide behind some complex ethical code of your own devising. Go and show love the best you can, make the best use of the talents God has given you, be His workmanship and walk in the paths that He has set up for you.

And know that whatever you do. . . you will sin. You will fall short. It will not be perfect. Strive for perfection - but be bold, not in your own righteousness, but in Christ and His righteousness and love for you as the source of your salvation (ah, Luther's lovely "Sin Boldly, yet Believe More Boldly). Do what you think is best, but know that not only will your plans and actions always fall short and miss the mark, but know that Christ is your Savior who has redeemed you and who gives you strength to live.

You know, that's why I'm not an ethicist. It's how people relate to that Luther quote. The liberals read only "Sin boldly", stop there, and decide that they can party. The conservatives read "Sin boldly", stop there, and are shocked (Shocked, I say!) and must fix all these problems. Ethics seemingly never moves to Believe More Boldly Still. And as such, vanity of vanities, all is vanity!

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Anonymous said...

Glad I raised you so well.
Brown the Elder