Friday, July 16, 2010

The Final Quill

Day 24
- Who are you to judge? Well, who ARE you to judge? 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 - Judge within the Church.
- A lot of things in Rome have their roots in good things. Take the Rosary. Let's have a necklace that reminds people to pray.

Day 25
- Don't feel less a Pastor if you can't sing. . . [of course] you'd never be ordained in Luther's day.
- My daughter's not allowed to date - but she does at school. I hate the guy.
- Don't become guilty if you know the difference between a good hymn and a bad one.

(Honorary Scaer: "Baptism is like marriage. How? You tell the people to not take pictures and to shut up.")

Day 26
- Often they will say, "Many of us are upset". How many does that mean? 1000? 400? 40?
- That's how I do my sermons. I read it over and over and pretend its memorized.
- Ultimately, whatever the polity of the congregation, they can eat you up or love you.
- Never say or write anything when you're really angry.
- I said, "Okay, I'll keep that under consideration," and she didn't know what to say.
- Jesus is abused in every way.
- The only time I take it [the Supper] in my hand is when it is distributed by a layman or a Seminarian. I mean, I'm ordained, I might as well commune myself.

Day 28 (who knows where 27 went)
- I was blunt with them, but in a nice, collegial way.
- Wednesday we'll look at Church discipline, or the lack there of
- Did I mention this? Sometimes I start talking and can't remember what I said.
- I don't know if you bless him or not. "The Lord make you Lutheran."
- Oh, you wouldn't want to commune here; I was going to pour Blood in your mouth.
- It [the Communion Statement] was really nice. "This is our tradition. Please don't be a jerk and ignore our tradition."

Quill 29
- I will show mercy in spite of my legalistic statements.
- If you don't like that I show mercy to others - tough.
- I hate by-laws and Constitutions.
- Don't hide under the Gospel to avoid what you should do.
- This Church [versus] Pastor thing is a set up.
- Alright, let's move on. This is fun; we're not supposed to have fun.
- If there's any question (over who is the Presiding Minister) it's probably your wife.
- What if you have a doctor who performs abortions, but he's the best giver because of all the money he's making off of dead babies?

One of the best classes I ever took.

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