Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Heartfelt, Emotional Appeal

To all those who are in any positions of planning or power, please, above all else, do not try to be cool. Do not try to be hip. Do not try to have the edge of pop culture - for you are Lutheran, and therefore you are culturally 15-20 years behind the power curve.

Exhibit 15236 - I just received a flier for the 34th Biennial LWML Convention. Its theme?

"Being with Jesus - Living on the Edge"


Yep - the summer of 2011 - the summer of living on the edge. You know, I'm pretty sure that the theme of my high school's prom in 1994 was "Living on the Edge" - you know, right around when the Aerosmith song came out.

Do not, please, please, do not try to catch a cultural wave. I remember in the Sem a pastor quoting a new song from the radio -- and it was 8 years old. Do not try to be hip. Do not try to be cool. Do not try to do something to appeal to the kids. You will just show your age.

Instead - I urge you - be yourself. Be whom God has made you to be. If you are a bit of a fuddy-duddy - be a good, God pleasing fuddy-duddy. If you are someone who delights in Lawerence Welk - delight in the oompha sounds. If you are a freeze-dried hippie - be a good, God pleasing hippie (although respect the rules of the land when it comes to what you smoke)!. And if you are a nerd, then by all means be an awesome Christian nerd of awesomeness.

And then, when it comes time to gather around God's Word - put aside your preferences. . . and let's be joined together around the Word and the Sacrament, the liturgy of the Church. Many people, many nations are gathered - we don't need to try to immitate any one culture, we don't need to try to draw specific groups in with our misguided hipness - be who you are, but then come together with people who are different from you together in Church - not a Church that shapes itself to your whims, but conforming yourself to the Church and adding your voice to Her song.

Because really - while you might enjoy it, only you and your _________ friends will enjoy the crazy stuff you do. Please, don't become a cultural tyrant over the Church and turn the Bride of Christ into a cultural poser.

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