Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Series on Handling the Neighbor

I am going to work over the next few days or weeks on a series concerning how one ought to treat ones neighbor. What are things to keep in mind when interacting with your neighbor to just help things to run more smoothly on your end.

Here are the posts currently planned.

1. Don't assume your neighbor has your flaws.

2. Understand that you neighbor has their own flaws.

3. Give your neighbor time to grow.

4. Don't hesitate to forgive.

5. Don't go too long without asking for forgiveness.

These are just a rough sketch of where I'm going to go, a bit of brain storming. Coming... well, maybe not soon, but perhaps coming in the relatively near future.


Anonymous said...

This excerpt from Luther seems worth consideration:

What you want others to do to you, you do to them” [Matt. 7:12].

Everyone who keeps this rule before him, each man in his trade, in business, and in dealings with his neighbor, would soon find out how he ought to buy and sell, give and take, lend and give without return, promise and keep his promise, and the like. And when we look at the world as it really is and see how greed has the upper hand in all business, we would not only find enough to do to make a living with honor in the sight of God, but would also acquire a fear and dread of this dangerous and pitiable life which is so overburdened, entangled, and caught up with the cares of earning a living and the dishonest pursuit of gain.

(Treatise on Good Works From Luther’s Works, Vol. 44 pg 107)

Jay Hobson said...

And then do a series on preaching, where you assume your neighbor has your flaws.

The "preach against yourself" method of making sure you preach the Law.

Thomas Lemke said...

Looking forward to this!