Monday, May 11, 2015

It is Scary

My eldest son has developed a quirk that is quickly becoming most annoying to me.  Over the past 3 or 4 weeks, this little three and a half year old dervish has taken to saying, "It's scary, it's too scary" whenever there is something that he doesn't like.

You want me to come on inside from playing in the garage?  It's scary, it's too scary!
You want me to get ready to go out to eat?  It's scary, it's too scary!
You want me to go to bed?  It's scary, it's too scary!

In otherwords, everything he doesn't like or immedaitely want to do is, by Victor's definition, scary.

This annoys me as a parent, as it doesn't really provide good information as to why precisely and exactly he is upset.  However, thinking theologically, seeing in my son an example of the old Adam... it makes perfect theological sense.

What is our reaction as sinful human beings to being told that we don't get to do what we want precisely when went want to do it?  What is our reaction to not getting or way, or realizing that we are not in control?  That's when we become scared.

The loss of control is utterly terrifying to our sinful flesh -- indeed, sin really is the story of man trying to wrest control away from God.  And so my son is right - when Daddy makes him do something he doesn't want to do, it is scary.  And yet... it's for his good, even though he doesn't see it or understand.

And then - here we are.  Christians, washed in the blood of Christ, redeemed and forgiven.  We know this.  We know that God loves us utterly and perfectly - and yet, how often when something doesn't go the way we would like, do we ourselves not pitch a fit.  Maybe it's a little bit more sophisticated and articulate a fit than the three year old throws... but still a fit.

Know that for what it is -- your old sinful flesh saying that it is scary. 

Over and against your flesh, Jesus Christ your Lord says to to "Do not be afraid... peace be with you."  He is the One in charge, and in spite of what our old sinful flesh cries out, that really is for our good. 

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