Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Illness and the importance of prayer

Well, I am feeling better but I am still fighting off something. Just got a second round of antibiotics from the doctor (also took a mono test). I have been incredibly weak (got through service on Sunday in the midst of massive cold sweats). Quite often I have been left sitting on my couch or in bed. Members of my congregation have had things happens - things that I normally would be at - and they understand perfectly well why I'm not there. . . but still, it's a little annoying to me.

And so I am left to pray. Here I am, newly 30, feeling like I'm 80, and so I learn. I've been praying much more, more thoroughly, in a more focused manner (although brief, I have been tired). Even as I sit and lament all that I cannot do at the moment - I pray. I guess I am doing exactly what I need to do.

I have told the elderly that indeed they can pray - in fact, that may be the only act of direct service to others that they have left to them (there is the service one gives to the neighbor by letting them serve you and do their own good works - I'm learning that one too). I actually understand this better myself now, and that will probably make my teaching better.

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