Thursday, December 3, 2009

You know what the Law is like?

The Law is like Gordan Ramsay coming into a restaurant on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (I highly prefer the British version).

***Note - Ramsay is highly vulgar and coarse. Lots of foul language. Seriously, former Scottish footballer, horrid langauge, but. . . you know, the law doesn't treat us gently either. The broadcast on BBC America is somewhat bleeped - what you hunt on youtube may not be****

I watched a new episode last night - the restaurant was "The Runaway Girl" in Sheffield - and the owner just kept following his own ideas, which in the food business were the height of folly, and wouldn't listen.

And Ramsay just pounded him, over and over - and the fellow didn't listen, the fellow complained because Ramsay wouldn't point out the good things that he did. And Ramsay said something along the lines of (and this is a paraphrase): You are losing your business, you've lost your house, you're losing your best friend and girlfriend (who were working with him and frustrated), 98% of what you do is wrong, and you don't listen, and unless you start listing you will fail.

It was a textbook example of how people wish to self-justify ourselves. The house could be burning down around us, and we'd complain that the matches didn't have any warning label telling us not to play with them.

Ramsay is relentless. When we preach the law, we need to be relentless - we need to provide no escape - just show sin and fault until all the excuses are gone and there is repentance. And that is hard to do.

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