Saturday, June 1, 2013

Outrage Seems So Unbecoming

For the past few years, there has been much outrage and open indignation amongst us more traditional folk over the ongoings in society and the like.  And I just can't get into it. 

Why?  I am a child of the mid-80s and early 90s.  Thus, I equate "outrage" with, well, liberal tomfoolery.  When I think outrage, I think Meryl Streep before congress shouting, "What are we doing to our children!?"  I think of all the things that early 90s Rush Limbaugh made fun of.  And besides - I grew up as Alternative music blossomed.  But what - isn't that full of outrage?  Well, sort of -- it's full of disdain... so you go do your own thing and forget what the suits (or society) want.

Thus, in a very real way - outrage seems unbecoming.  It seems... weak.  If you don't like something -- don't go along with it.  Stand up.  Be yourself.  Do what is right -- know what is right, even say what is right.  But don't whine about it.  And don't try to manipulate people -- that's what those crazy libs did.

It used to be we met outrage with calm.  We met political correctness with freedom.  Now we see your outrage and raise our own, now we meet your correctness with an even better correctness of our own.

And it all seems in vain to me.

But I'm not going to be outraged about it.  Instead, I'll simply continue to rejoice in Christ Crucified for sinners.  That's always true, no matter who is stamping their foot in indignation.

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