Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Two Styles of Preaching

There are two styles of preaching.  Here are the patterns they follow.

Style 1.  The Law is used to show you your own sin, your own lack, your own need.  Then Christ is proclaimed as the One who has forgiven your sin and gives you new life now and forever.

Style 2.  The Law is used to show what sin is.  Then the Law  is used to show you how you are to act in order to show that you are in fact righteous and ready for Christ to come.

Style 2 is really popular.  It gives direction.  It tells you what you can do.  It works like a nice motivation speech - like all those stirring moments in the best movies.

The only problem is... it doesn't really deal with that problem of your sin.  Yes.  Yours.  The stuff you you hide, the things you cover up.   Including your failed attempts at righteousness.

Christ Jesus has died for you, and He has risen for you, and you are forgiven and you have life in Him.

That's what you need.  That's what style 1 gives.  It's not necessarily flashy or thrilling... but it's what we all need.

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the Old Adam said...

Style 2 either breeds pride…or despair.

Phoniness can also be a by product.