Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Law!

As long as I remain in this flesh, I remain a sinner.


That's the reality.  It doesn't matter how good I am, how much great advice I take, how much better I am now than I was back then.

I am a sinner.  I am a man of sinful lips who dwell among sinners.  Even if I'm nicer than them, this truth remains.  I am a sinner.

And yes, while I do delight in God's Law - I am yet a sinner.  (Thanks be to God that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!)

Too many people forget this.  Too many people fall into the old Pharisaical trap - they water down the law into a doable checklist - they point to their own accomplishments and build their own self-esteem.  The treat the law as that good advice for moral living - a way to make their neighbors just as good and moral as they themselves are (well, SOME of their neighbors at least... many can't obtain THEIR level of holiness).

And thus, the Law is preached not as God's Law in its full sternness - instead it is treated like it is a Happy Fun Law.

Do not taunt happy fun law - because it's still the Law, however you want to try to water it down.  God is not mocked.  And the Law condemns.

Your "advice" kills people.  And yeah, they probably needed to be killed... the Law of God is good and necessary.  Daily the old, sinful flesh needs be drowned.

But we need life - we need the Gospel.  We need Christ Crucified and Christ risen for us!  If we are left with merely happy fun law... we are left dead.

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Steve Martin said...

"When the law came in, sin got WORSE."

Law will always lead to death.

Nice job, Rev..