Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Pinnacles of Lutheran Achievement?

Overwhelmed, I am, simply overwhelmed, to have in such a short time achieved the pinnacle of Lutheran chattering. Why?

1 - This blog was mentioned (okay, listed with everything else over at Aardvark's site, but still in there) in "The Christian News" - or the Christian Rag Sheet, if you prefer.

2 - I was awarded a Golden Aardvark, as can be seen here: for my Advent 4 and Christmas sermons. (Um, do you see the length of that list - it's not really that exclusive of a list - Silence! I am honored - what, honored enough to think that you are Luther at the Movies now? - Poppycock! I have a long history of dialog writings, even from my e-mail days over a decade ago, I can use if it I want to! - No, you are just trash and schlock. - (weeping) Oh, but your words of law have pricked me and my vain pride, I am horrible. . . wail, wail, gnash of teeth.)

Okay - they aren't earth shaking - but still - neat. At least I think so.

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