Friday, January 18, 2008

A day off with Tiger Woods

Well, the Tiger Woods game has a feature where you can download two photos, one face on and one profile, to their website, and then you can upload them into the game, place spot markers on them, and it will place you in the game.

Mine is going now . . . it takes some time for the program to do the face work - says it can take 10 minutes or so. So while that works, I figured I would write something brief.

It is good to relax. I say this because I need to remind myself of this. You see, theologically, people tend to fall one way or another - either antinomian and don't worry about laws enough, or legalist and worry entirely too much about the law. If I have any tendencies, they tend to be antinomian.

What is odd is that in my own life, given the tendency towards being lazy or over working (both of which are harmful both to self and to neighbor) - I tend towards overworking and not taking time for myself. I would work until I was beat well before this _______ mono. Of course, I would look at myself, I'd be over weight, and I'd do a bit of the couch potato when resting (I do like movies, I like video games (although TW right now says that they are "recombinating nucleic acids" - which sort of frightens me). But it's amazing how quickly a long week will make me too tired to work out like I'd like - to take the time and cook healthily like I'd like.

I don't know - I guess sometimes our theological ideas don't translate directly over into our every day lives. Or perhaps we can over correct - I might tend towards leniency in theological and moral rigor. . . so therefore I simply assume that I must be lax as regards my work ethic and push myself to make up for the perceived flaw. Interesting.

At least I find it interesting. If you don't - oh well, it's my day off - I'll post what semi-theological ramblings I desire. >=o) (Now it's "vectorizing frown lines" - who wrote this, a Synodical mission planner?)

But I wonder - how many things do we end up assuming about ourselves - we are like *this* - but if we actually look and compare - we aren't. How many times do we overlook our actual flaws, the sins that actually do us the most harm, and all the while focus on the wrong thing. We never see ourselves that clearly, do we? Ah well, thus is life.

Now TW is "Antagonizing Pedestrians". Ohph, now "Making Mountains out of Molehills". This definitely came from St. Louis. I had better go before my XBOX 360 goes all ablaze.

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